At Competitive Advantage Consulting we create a custom on-site consulting experience for your sales and management team. 

Our goal is to break down your process, identify areas of improvement and implement new best practices. Our ultimate objectives are simple: increase your sales, boost your profitability and grow your business. 

the process:

Our process is hands-on and immersive. First, we are in-the-field with your sales professionals to gain a full understanding of your services, personnel, culture, clientele, challenges, and goals. Then we assess, report, strategize and identify how to improve your overall sales process. Last, we take action. We collaborate with your leadership to develop and implement new tactics, strategies and tools that will have an immediate and lasting impact for your company. 


Salesperson training and coaching

  • sales language, approach, technique, strategy and professionalism 
  • overcoming objections, closing techniques, pipeline management and increasing close ratios
  • building rapport, relationships and driving referrals
  • setting, achieving and surpassing goals

Sales Management training         

  • streamlining overall process, approach and messaging
  • creating sales tools to increase your team's numbers including presentations and scripts
  • implement or optimize CRM software to identify the key data and metrics to track and effectively measure your team's success 
  • develop an on-going salesperson training platform including meetings, goal setting and motivational techniques 
“What you get by achieving your goals is as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
— Henry David Thoreau