Ed Matos, President and Founder of Competitive Advantage Consulting, brings to the table over fifteen years of sales and sales management experience.

Before starting Competitive Advantage, he served as Vice President of Sales for a nationally recognized and award winning leader in residential home performance.  Ed was responsible for hiring, training and managing a team that grew sales revenue from $3 million to $9 million in three years.

Prior to managing and leading his team, Ed achieved over four million dollars in personal home performance and HVAC sales, as well as devoted his time to compiling and finding the resources to effectively train and educate others.

Ed has a genuine passion for energy efficiency and in founding Competitive Advantage Consulting he hopes to share this passion while challenging his clients to think differently about sales and what it means to be a true sales professional. Focusing in on the art of sales psychology as it relates to the linguistics of selling and building relationships, Ed strives to create a platform for people to do just that: think and behave differently.

In May of 2016 Ed was honored to be one of two recipients awarded with The Habitat X Fellowship

Ed holds a BA in International Business and Theatre from New York University and is a BPI certified building analyst.